Real Estate Agent Vs Do It Yourself

Do it yourself or hire a real estate agent? This is something that bothers many new homeowners in Austin, TX real estate these days. Selling on your own can work if you are located close to the property to sell. If you are at a greater distance, it will work too as long as there is someone who can show the property to prospects and act in that capacity for you. Maybe you have a friend who has agreed to open the house for buyers to see, answer their general questions and direct them to you. You will probably want that friend to be paid, and it is likely to be less that the 6 percent commission real estate agents charge. You can advertise in the local newspapers. Even advertise in newsletters of various organizations that you are affiliated with, such as local charities, alumni association, sports clubs and the like.

And don’t miss your office bulletin board at your workplace. If the sale is online, there are plenty of things to do for the world to know that you are selling the house. If it is in especially distinctive places where virtually everyone wants to live or visit, such as Hawaii or Florida, your advertisement can go on national publications like New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

However, the big questions is, do you have the time to do all these activities and waste a full high season for home selling? You need to be present every time a buyer requests for a showing and respond to their queries on time. Advertisements need to be updated if there are any changes to the listing. How about working with a real estate agent, instead? In today’s world, in the age of telephone, email, video conferencing and fax, working long distance with an agent is not that difficult at all. You can expect to pay a commission of 6 percent but that cost is always negotiable.

If you have already been doing business with an agent, this is an opportunity to have them represent you for the house sale. If you are new to this business, a walk down the main street can be the source of agencies willing to offer their service. Look in the windows or bulletin board inside, and you will find what they sold in the past. If there is a house that looks similar to yours, you are in the right place. Some communities provide sale service to their clients. These agents are likely to work harder to sell in exchange for commission. If you also want to advertise in the community where the house is located, look for any clause that allows you to do so.

Online home sales and transactions have become very popular in recent years. Homeowners and prospects need not be present while selling or buying their properties; everything from open house to signing the contract is taken care of by agents, brokers, banks and notary involved. You may have no trouble at all finding the right professional for these services in your local area.