Essential property options you can go for now

Whoever intends to buy a property in the plant needs to take a series of precautions. That’s because the investment usually comes out cheaper, but it involves some risks that make people insecure. Sometimes there are delays in delivery and the debt grows above expectations, causing headaches for buyers. However, if you choose a reliable and quality construction company, the process will be smooth and promising.

Check out some tips for you looking to buy a property in the plant.

Understand your budget

Before you even go in search of the property at the quadwalls site, simulate with the bank what the limit they could release for financing and see how much you can take in installments per month. This prevents you from looking for properties that do not fit within your budget and waste time on unnecessary searches at real estate website. Generally, you are only allowed to commit 30% of your monthly income to financing.

Remember the conditions

It is important to remember that the property will be more expensive until it is ready. Before you take on the financing with the bank, and during construction, the installments paid to the construction company are not subject to interest.

Beware of very low installments

When the plots are very small during the construction, it is a sign that the balance that will need to be financed when the property is ready will be large. And sometimes the person does not have enough income to pay a high amount, when the time comes to finance.

Check your credit

Go to some banks and do a credit analysis to see if you would get the financing, even before signing the contract. There are construction companies that are negligent and do not even warn the customer that the bank may deny the financing. If it is denied, the buyer, in addition to being without the property, may lose part of what he has already paid because there are construction companies that refuse to return the full money. That is why it is so important to look for a serious and reputable company that you can trust.

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