Decorating Your Workplace in Simple Ways to Increase Productivity 

You spend lots of time at work. Your boss expects you to be creative, social, and productive when you are at the office. The way your office looks can hugely affect your mood and feeling. Whether you are a boss or employee, it is not hard to make some positive changes to your workplace and help everyone feel happy to be there.

Own Your Workspace

Owning your space will make you more committed to your work and team and boost your productivity. If you are an employee, keep your family photos, healthy snacks, and sticky notes at your desk.

If you are an employer, give your staff some freedom in what their workplace looks like. You may want to provide them with small pay, allowing them to buy something that makes them feel comfortable in their seats.

Focus on Color and Lighting 

Colors have different effects on how you perform. For example, green and blue help you be creative, while red will help you focus on the detail. Having the right lighting is another vital factor. Lights with an LED dimmer module can promote freedom and creativity. You can also consider having a brighter atmosphere to induce evaluative and analytical thinking.

Include the Nature 

Give your workspace a natural feel. Combine essential accessories with beautiful plants that love to dangle loosely and trail downwards for maximum effect. Hanging plants can be a great option to make any room or workspace look amazing. You can use plant stands and combine modern pots with exciting containers.


Many people create their artwork to personalize their workspace. The right way to present genuine art is to evoke your creativity as you work by showing something drawn yourself. Go online to get some artwork ideas.


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