Bruce Strebinger of Vancouver on Amenities in Multi-Family Complexes: What Do Tenants Really Want?  

Bruce Strebinger Talks Amenities in Multifamily Real Estate: What Matters to Tenants

Granite countertops, smart appliances, plenty of storage space: these perks are all undoubtedly nice for tenants in multi-family complexes. However, for Bruce Strebinger of Vancouver, it’s far more important to focus on what really matters to the people who live in his buildings. As a developer and project manager, he opens up about fulfilling necessities before moving on to luxury.

Outdoor Space

The pandemic did a number on where people spend their time, and many found that being outside was smart for more reasons than one. People are spending more time outdoors on activities near their homes and they’re discovering the beauty of spaces that they may have once ignored entirely.

For a developer like Strebinger, that means amenities like pools, courts, rooftop spaces, gardens, and barbeque areas are given full priority. There’s also more demand for private outdoor space, which means that balconies and patios are going to play a big role in his projects too.

Lower Environmental Impact

Recycling, compost, sustainable materials: tenants want to know that their building is doing its part in the fight against climate change. This is as much a health issue as it is a responsible matter. Tenants don’t want to breathe in harsh chemicals from drying paint or exhaust from outdated equipment. The more efficient and environmentally aware a developer is, the more everyone can relax about the quality of their air and water.

Telecommuting Options

With more people working remotely, the pandemic has opened doors for people to work wherever they wish. Having a designated space for telecommuting in a multi-family complex can alleviate plenty of stress, Bruce Strebinger of Vancouver says. Home offices are undoubtedly common, but they’re not always practical. When designing a complex, it helps to give people a quiet area that’s just for work, one that they can count on to be available every day of the week.

Pet-Friendly Complexes

The definition of family isn’t just parents and kids anymore. 70% of all households have a pet of some kind, which is why it’s important for developers like Bruce Strebinger to keep this in mind when considering future projects. This is more than just allowing pets into units though.

Treats in the lobbies, strategically placed waste receptacles, dog parks: this is the beginning of what can be done. From on-site pet groomers to dog walkers, developers have to think about how the lifestyles of pet owners can be accommodated by their buildings.

Bruce Strebinger on Building Amenities

Bruce Strebinger of Vancouver is known for plenty of luxury initiatives, which means he’s no stranger to looking out for the needs of his tenants. He understands that there needs to be the substance behind the flash for an idea to really work long-term. A fancy yoga studio is only useful if people use it on a regular basis and feel the peace that comes from mindfulness and movement. It’s then that they form a positive association between their life and where they live. By building this mentality into every new initiative he takes on, he’s one of the most in-demand professionals in his industry today.